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Nonprofit leaders – your time is meow

There are cats gifs in this post because I’m hella excited.

Excited because I’ll be spending the first part of September in a room with some of the nation’s best nonprofit minds in a gathering organized by the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN).

Part forum, part leadership academy, the Leading Change Summit is billed as an exclusive gathering where nonprofit leaders can learn strategies and get feedback from the sector’s heavyweights. Continue reading

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An open letter to display advertising

Dear Internet,

I appreciate you. The sheer amount and quality of information and entertainment at my fingertips amazes me – and so much of it is free! Your resources are second to none and I value them dearly.

You know what else I value? My privacy. That’s why I use an app that stops sites tracking my browsing. This is not because I am against display advertising, it’s because I care about who knows where I have been. Continue reading

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Hands at ten and two, how I fell in love with bush driving

I’m a city girl. I love live music, good coffee and public transport. I don’t like driving in the city – there are too many people with too many destinations and too much else on their mind.

In the country, it’s different. Though I have often traveled with my loved ones, driving is a solitary activity. It’s just you, the road and your thoughts; but you can’t get too engrossed in them because your mind is on the road. It’s a bit like meditation: your thoughts come up like signposts and you recognize them as you’re moving on. Continue reading